Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Wednesday (September 1st, 2010).

Settled conduct an interview session to hire new technician for my team.
In that moment I was interviewer and start realize why sometimes interviewer very choose or selective to take new hire.

As a new hire candidate we can not blame interviewer if they really choose or demand by give high expectation. If they ask difficult questions, please answers as best as you can. If don't know please tell don't know but in different sentence and let them know your idea or your initiative on how you solve/answer their questions.

Within this week we will conduct another interview for hire new technician. By hope this candidate can show his initiative to answer these questions in creative ways.

1. Situation: If i give you one electronic device and I want you to bring to production line for perform test verification!! What you will do if people in production line can not cooperate or don't want to allocate tester for your test verification?

2. What do you understand about Fiber Optic Sub system?

3. Situation: If I limit you three months to show your performance!! What you will do to make sure your level is there after 3 months?

4. What is so special about you and why do you think we should hire you?

Previous candidate can not answer all above questions. Because he had show his effort and base on his attitude to learn we agree to take him as new hire. Next candidate probably will become his teammate if he can prove to me his has the criteria that I need.


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