Monday, June 7, 2010

:: Off to unknown Places - Kupang, Kedah::


Saturday, June 5,2010. This time to north of Malaysia. One day travel from Ipoh - Sg. Petani - Kupang - Baling - Grik - Kuala Kangsar - Sungai Siput (U) - Ipoh. First time in my life ate this "kuih"

The price only RM1.00 for four pieces. According from the seller, the "inti" was made from "sagu". Hmm~ unlucky the seller don't know the name for this "kuih" and till now i still searching the name. The "inti" taste quite good and its cover (yellow like "karipap") taste like "kuih jala". Try it if come to Pekan Kupang, Kedah.

The road not taken - I plan to left Kupang by use new road (Grik - Kuala Kangsar - Ipoh)

The road was like expressway without toll and it more close to nature. Don't surprise if along the road many alert signboard to notice wild animal cross the road.

Fig.: Jambatan Raja Muda Nazrin

Comment:- dont't take photos when driving. pls don't do like what i did.

Solat Jama' at Masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar.

Within 2 hours period in this mosque, I meet two couple here. First couple was did "akad nikah" inside mosque and second couple was take photos with bride dress outside mosque(near this water sprinkler).

By the way, this mosque was opposite to S.A. Idrisiah.

There was funny story between me and this school. Huhu~ after primary school (year 6), my mom planned to send me to study in this school. But i refuse, so what i did is.. :> i plan to fail its qualification exam. hehe~ actually it is not difficult to fail in exam rather than pass.. :p

When travel it will remind me about myself and who i am. Don't bother what ever you study or where ever you study, the reasons went to school/university just to learn to be a good human and also learn how to practice it. No point if have many knowledge but refuse to practice it. Think and think. Thanks

Sunday, June 6, 2010

:: Off to unknown Places - return the memory::


Manager: Where are you going?
Fadzli: Travel..
Manager: Where?
Fadzli: hmmm~ Johor.
Manager: 3 Hari..

Why Johor!! Lots of beautiful memory was happen in Johor. Nobody knows what it is. Let the secret keep secret. By the way, I was travel on 27 – 30 May 2010 from Ipoh to BP to JB and return back to Ipoh.

28 MAY 2010 (Day 1 in Johor)
6.15a.m: Reach Lorong Hj Dawood, Pt Rais

10.30a.m: Take breakfast at Warung Roti Canai Pt Bengkok.

Comments: RM0.50 per piece, the “roti canai” only available starting from 10.00a.m till 11.00a.m. People from outside Batu Pahat like to drob by during weekend. Better come early for seat reservation.

11.45a.m: Take lunch at Warung Nasi Briyani (infront Fujitsu)

Comments: RM4.50 for one set of “Nasi Briyani Kambing” or“Nasi Briyani Ayam”. The price is consider reasonable because the standard price for one plate suppose to ~RM7.00.

The “Nasi Briyani”only available on Friday morning starting from 11.00a.m. Come early if you want to try “Nasi Briyani Kambing”

Comments: RM1.50 for one dish.

6.20p.m : Eat “goreng-goreng” food at “Badut Stall, Pt Raja”

Comments: Keropok lekor, sukun goreng, keledek goreng were only RM1.00 for 4 pieces and goreng pisang only RM1.00 for 5 pieces. All these “goreng-goreng” very suit to eat with “sambal kicap+kacang". Try it!! I believe you won’t regret.

Comments: Ice Cooper (RM2.50) and Coffee Ice(RM1.50) as beverage.

8.30p.m : Take dinner at Warung Nasi Lemak near to Welward’s shop.

Comments: RM1.50 for Nasi Lemak and need to add RM1.50 for chopped fried chicken.
This food stall very popular with “Kari Kaki Ayam’, the price only RM0.10 for one chicken leg. Most of Johorian like to eat chicken leg. Try it if you one of them!! Hehe~ below pic (chicken leg) were order by my friend.

29 May 2010 (Day 2 in Johor)
10.30a.m: “Pusing-pusing” around UTHM

12.30p.m: take bus to Larkin, JB
~2.00p.m: arrived in Larkin,JB
~3.00p.m: Fetch by friend
~4.00p.m: Makan “Mey-hoon goreng” prepare by Hafize..
~5.30p.m: “Pusing-pusing” around WPI, Nusa Jaya & Newcastle University..

30 June 2010 (day 3 in JB)
8.30a.m: Breakfast, Roti + Burger + Telur (homemade)
10.30a.m: Find souvenier
12.30p.m: “Pusing-Pusing UTM”

Comments: Last time been here for conference (COMET)
1.30p.m: Attend wedding ceremony
10.15p.m: Took bus to Ipoh, Perak

31 June 2010 (day 4)

5.30a.m: reach home

Walaupun pengembaraan singkat tetapi aku terasa puas. Sedikit sebanyak dapat melepaskan rindu terhadap kenangan yang membentuk aku menjadi manusia seperti hari ini. Terima kasih.

I will travel and travel. Most precious lesson can be learn:-
1). Patient
2). Know yourself
3). Thankful