Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rebate for Income Tax


This article may help for those are working in Malaysia and the basic salary is equal and greater than MYR2500. The Income Tax can be deducted if you have black-white prove if you used money for:-

1). Zakat
2). Children Education (university level)
3). Parent Medication
4). Children living cost
5). Charity
6). Books
6). etc (such as Laptop/desktop once time)

The rebate rate you can get from nearest LHDN branch. Description..

1). Zakat.

By show the "zakat pendapatan", "zakat kwsp (EPF)", "zakat wang simpanan", "zakat saham", "zakat emas&perak" and "zakat fitrah" receipts. Remember to keep the receipt after make the payment.

2). Children Education

For those who have children who studying in university level can request the rebate for education.

3). Parent Medication

The treatment fee and medicine bills for parent medication can be used as prove.

4). Children Living cost

For those who have children under 21 if study, if not study until 18 can request rebate for each persons. If not mistaken around MYR800 for each persons per year.

5). Charity

Charity to charity organization/society, orphan house, school and etc can request rebate base on donation.

6). Books

The bills slip for books can used to get rebate, the rebate base on how much you spend for books.

For further information related on Income Tax from LHDN, please refer to the nearest branch or gather information from official LHDN website.

Think.. Think.. Think..

Spend your money effectively, be smart. If your Income tax MYR3000 per year, try your best to spend your money for these lists. InsyaALLAH, it will benefits to ummah. Be generous if want to do good works. Thanks..

p/s: remember!! what you give you get back.. InsyaALLAH. Don't shock if one day your children will treat you same like you treat your parent. keep in mind.. WHAT YOU GIVE YOU GET BACK

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to get tools if you lack of money?? (Money Management)


Last night I keep asking myself on how to get funding for my project!! Alhamdulillah recently i got the idea. By manage monthly salary to few parts:-

1). 25% for my mother
2). 12% for EPF
3). 42% for investment
4). 21% for myself

The percentage not include deduction for SOCSO and extra allowance have for phone bill. The priority still keep to get married first :) InsyaALLAH

Last week I found one website that organized by PZS (Pusat Zakat Selangor). This website contains web application that function to calculate Zakat Pendapatan, Zakat Perniagaan, Zakat Wang Simpanan, Zakat KWSP, Zakat Saham and Zakat Emas & Perak. 2.5% deduction for "Zakat" is not higher. Besides that you can use the Zakat's bills to get discount for Income Tax. I remind myself and you guys to pay "Zakat" that benefits to improve poor family lifestyle.

p/s: keep in mind that in "akhirat" we will asking with questions "What is your contributions for Ummah?"

Mini Lab (Phyton's Project)


Own Mini Lab is one of my dreams.. last evening I had list down the equipments needs to own/purchase for my mini lab base on my survey and funding:-

Basic Instruments for DUT
1). Multimeter (measure: volt, ohm, amp, connectivity)
2). LCR Meter (measure: inductance, farad, ohm)

Basic Instruments for Stimulus DUT
3). Power Supplies (supplies: Voltage, Current)
4). Signal Generator (Generate: Sinus, Triangular, Sawtooth, Pulse)
5). Digital Pattern Generator
6). Pulse Generator (Generate: Pulse)

Basic Instruments for Response DUT
7). Oscilloscope (Measure: signal)
8). Frequency Counter (Measure: Frequency)

Basic Kits for Connects DUT
9). Test Probes / Crocodile Clips
10). Protaboard
11). Donuts board / Veraboard

12). Toolkit set from Pro's kit

for list numbers 4, 5 & 6 I will try to modified my PC by install with audio card and install with freeware that capable to handle same function. List numbers 7 & 8 are expensive equipments, I prefer to buy reused sets.

Hope with this mini lab I manage to invent something that benefits for ummah. :) InsyaALLAH. Pray with me to make the dream come true. Thanks..

p/s: DUT mean Device Under Test

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HP & Compac Laptop (Business set) pada harga istimewa


Malam tadi sehingga awal pagi sempat aq chating dgn senior semasa di UTHM. Alhamdulillah senior skang seorang engineer di pulau pinang dan memiliki sebuah perniagaan.

*Dia menjual pelbagai model laptop (setakat hari ini sudah hampir 300 model).
*Delivery boleh dilakukan dalam tempoh 3 hari.
*model pelbagai (HP, Compaq, Dell, Hyundai, Acer dan dll)
*special offer kepada pembeli model HP & Compaq versi Business set.
*untuk berunding harga dan mendapatkan nasihat boleh hubungi dia:-

Nama Syarikat Berdaftar: Wavetech Solution (001873872-D)
Pemilik Syarikat: Mohd Faiz bin Anwar.
No telefon: 013-4305253
YM ID: payid2
Profile syarikat: Menjual Laptop dari pelbagai jenama
Katalog: boleh minta sendiri dari dia (sms address email anda kepada dia untuk dapatkan katalog terkini).

Business set:- adalah set yang sesuai untuk kerja-kerja mencabar seperti design, program, simulasi, game dan multitasking beberapa software yang berat.

Home set:- sesuai untuk kerja-kerja sederhana berat dan tidak berat.