Wednesday, September 8, 2010

::Another Interview, Two candidates in one day::


Two candidate were interviewed for today. Both candidates posses 11 years and 3 years working experience.

Candidate 1: Working Experience 11 Years

- Don't have strong basic on electronic
- Not good in communication
- Can not answer most of the questions given.
- Patient (4/5)
- Attitude (matured)

Candidate 2: Working Experience 3 Years

- Have strong technical skills
- Moderate in Communication
- Can answer most of the questions given
- Patient (2/5)
- Attitude (so so)

Who should we select? and why him?

The candidate 1 and 2 was in questions.

For candidate 1:
If he really don't understand the questions or don't know how to answer the questions or maybe both?
If he able to follow my instruction or able to deliver result if i give assignment?
If he can understand on what i will teach him?

For candidate 2:
If he really can work under pressure?
If he has discipline problem? If has, is it possible for him to change the attitude?

These two candidates put myself in doubt. Another 1 vacancy need to fill up (total 3). Should we put them as KIV (keep in view) lists or select either one??

I need to build up strong team members. Later another 2 experience engineers (senior post) will hired. And they will become my sparing-partners to tackle/solve any customer/supplier/in house issue. In FA Lab:-
* we are like help-desk for customer and consultant for in-house production floor.
* CSI agents for investigate/analysis/evaluate/audit/solve any troublesome induce by supplier or in-house production.

Urgent!! strong subordinate need to build up.. If not we are in trouble..

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